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Poetry: Writing Prompt

A poem about near-death experiences

Photo by Pablo Stanic via Upsplash.

Write about a near-death experience. I have had three, I think. New Year’s Eve, maybe 1980, too many beers, blood sugar tanked, passed out, paramedics. I used to be a medic, so I knew everyone who responded. I watched Paige, from above my body, struggling to start an IV. When I saw her later in the Emergency Room and teased her about it, she turned pale and almost passed out, too. I don’t really believe in this kind of stuff.

The second was after an angiogram, which turned out to be unnecessary anyway. I could see my monitors, and then it felt warm in my groin, and then the nurse looked and got covered in blood, then stood over me and dug his heel into my groin while he called a Code Blue. I felt like shit at first but as I watched my blood pressure tank it felt really good and peaceful. I almost stayed.

The third time was just before my last, best wedding. Bachelor Party, we thought it might be fun to eat mushrooms. You know, Those Kind of mushrooms. We ate too many. At some point, I felt like it was too hard to breathe, and then came the Bright White Light, and all the voices from the past gathered to welcome me, and I told someone to say I’m sorry Tim for ruining the wedding but I can’t hold on, I love you honey, and then I remember thinking that I would feel paramedics intubating me at any minute, but nobody called them so I decided to just keep breathing.

We had a great wedding. I’m glad I stayed.

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